We're helping the world to show a little love, give a little thanks, and make a positive change - with cashless tipping, compliments, and ratings.

Because great deserves Grtfl.

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Hello, we're Grtfl.

We're not simply about another way to tip, compliment, or rate.

We're driving real change.

We want to make tipping, complimenting, and rating feel as light and fun as it should be - but without all the baggage.

So, whether you're running a business, providing great service for your clients and customers, or you want to appreciate those who do in a cashless society, there's a better way to be grateful.

The problem

Cash is disappearing and so is the opportunity to personally show thanks to your team that provide outstanding service.

So, what happens when people can't leave a tip and your staff don't have the chance to increase their earnings? They go elsewhere.

2 in 3

customers don't know where their tips go


of staff fear that they don't receive their fair share of cashless tips from management

The solution

Grtfl makes it quick and easy to show thanks for the everyday acts we take for granted, with absolute transparency for your business, your team, and customers.

It's the simplest way to recognise and reward your team. Fairly split your team's tips, sending 100% straight to their Grtfl account, boosting their earnings - and happiness!

It's our mission to make tipping feel good for everyone.

Pushing positive connections.

Tipping is plummeting, along with giving great feedback to the people providing great service.

So, Grtfl is all about feedback, reward, and recognition for all the hard-working, kind, dedicated people we meet every day.

We help to create loyal customers that celebrate your outstanding levels of customer service and choose to come back time and time again.

Grtfl brings back human connection, by recognising greatness and showing appreciation.

How Grtfl works

Tip. Compliment. Rate.
Feel good. Be great.

Ready to make a positive change,
without the change?

Find out how we can help you to feel good - and be great.

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