Questions and Misconceptions About Digital Tipping

As the world embraces the convenience and efficiency of digital solutions, the concept of digital

The Hidden Costs of Tipping Out in Cash

While cash tips may seem straightforward, there are hidden costs and challenges associated with traditional

Understanding The Latest Legislation And Code Of Practice

As of late, there has been a growing awareness and concern regarding the distribution of

How Contactless Payments Are Transforming Gratuity

In an era of digital transformation, it comes as no surprise that even the age-old

Transparency Through Tipping

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q79Q5Yyo6zw Tech on Toast Podcast: Transparency Through Tipping with Mason Potter, Co-Founder at GRTFL  

Codi’s Case Study

Streamlining Tip Distribution with GRTFL's UNITE Platform for Codi's Kitchen Codi's Kitchen, a vibrant and

Pillars Of Success

The Pillars of Success: Employee Retention and Job Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry In the

What is Tronc?

What is a tronc? A tronc is a pay arrangement that enables businesses in the

A Guide to Tipping in the UK

As society moves away from carrying cash, people who rely on tips to support their

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