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Simplify and streamline the tipping and management process with our innovative products. From QR/NFC applications to EPOS integration and upcoming Tap & Tip POS terminals, we are constantly developing solutions to improve the service industry.


QR & NFC Tipping​

NFC tipping uses the same tech as contactless payments, like our QR code tipping, but quicker. Simply hold the phone near the device to load the tipping page. This tech is fast becoming a norm of everyday life so if you see one of our cards out in the wild, give it a try. Both QR & NFC tipping offer a range of key benefits.


Simplify tipping with tech for customer convenience

Save time and money on admin for gratuities

Boost employee satisfaction and retain talent with our fair and transparent cashless tipping system

Empower staff with instant access to tips

Allow customers to show appreciation with ease

QR/NFC Applications

Hair and Beauty Salons, Therapy Practitioners

  • Stand at reception
  • Stickers on mirrors or walls
  • QR code in follow-up emails

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, and Clubs

  • QR code on the receipt wallet or receipt
  • QR/NFC code at the table
  • QR/NFC at reception


  • Housekeeping and concierge QR/NFC
  • Concierge QR/NFC

Buskers, Food Trucks, Personal Trainers, and Individuals

  • QR/NFC at the point of customer contact


Grtfl can seamlessly integrate with almost all online order and pay-at-table platform software. Our tip management and distribution platform can be paired with your workflow, ordering, EPOS and card machine.

Grtfl integration unites your customers’ ordering and tipping processes so they can benefit from your on-table ordering system. Your team benefits from our automated tip management and distribution, saving you time, money and keeping you one step ahead of rapidly changing legislation.

We work with providers to fit in with virtually any workflow, offering a range of benefits.


Grtfl fits into existing workflows/EPOS/card machines

Taking tips from the source, bypassing the business accounts with automatic or scheduled tip distribution in a method that suits you

Complete transparency for your team to receive their fair share of tips faster and directly into their account

Admin and legal responsibility are taken away from the business

Save on NI with your team now being responsible for declaring tips to HMRC