How it Works

How it Works

Giving and receiving tips should be easy and straightforward for everyone. That's why we've created different features for the business, staff, and customers to make the process simple and efficient.


Grtfl streamlines the entire tipping process for your business and team, directly saving time and money. Using Grtfl, tips can be instantly and automatically paid in and out. Our single-pane dashboard provides real-time income and tip distribution data for you to incentivise your team further.

Retain great talent by giving them complete visibility over earnings and feedback, resulting in improved service and increased business. We remove the stress of splitting cash tips or managing complex tronc systems, allowing you to choose the percentage split for each individual automatically.

Business Benefits


For tippees, setting up your Grtfl profile is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. Your team can then work their customer service magic and direct your customers to our QR codes to leave tips, compliments, and ratings. Whether via our QR code, TRONC, or UNITE systems, get complete visibility over how much they earn outside their usual pay. Your team can receive feedback and send the tips straight to their bank account.

Team Benefits


For tippers, our Grtfl QR code makes it easy to show their appreciation for outstanding customer service. Simply scan the code, open the web page, and choose whom you want to receive your tip. They can also give a rating to acknowledge exceptional service. Quick and easy to set up by card, Apple, or Google Pay. Your customers can be sure that their tip goes directly to the people who deserve them and that their contributions will positively impact them.

Customer Benefits


We’ve made managing tips easier than ever with our user-friendly dashboard. Customisable to your business needs with just a few clicks. Track the team’s earnings by week, month, and year and view tips by total, team, and individual. Our average tips view helps identify trends, and you can review team performance based on tips, ratings and comments.

For smaller businesses that don’t use timesheets or HR software, you can adjust tip distribution manually in a few steps. The Grtfl dashboard is a valuable tool for managing tips and empowering your team to deliver exceptional service.

Simplify tip management with our user-friendly dashboard

Tailor your dashboard to your business needs

View tips by week, month, year, team, and individual

Evaluate your team's performance with customer insights

Book a demo today and experience the most transparent, simplest, and rewarding way to give, receive, and manage tips.

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