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Codi’s Case Study


Streamlining Tip Distribution with GRTFL’s UNITE Platform for Codi’s Kitchen

Codi’s Kitchen, a vibrant and popular restaurant in one of Manchester’s best neighbourhoods. Known for its amazing food and friendly team, Codi’s is a growing and exciting business – one to watch out for in the hospitality industry. Started in lockdown, as the business grew, so did the complexity of managing TRONC for their hardworking team.

The traditional manual approach to tip distribution not only consumed valuable time but also lacked transparency and efficiency, leading to various operational challenges. Seeking a modern solution, Codi’s Kitchen turned to GRTFL and their innovative product, UNITE, a third-party TRONC platform designed to optimize tip management and team visibility.



Challenges for Codi’s:

  1. Manual Tip Distribution: Codi’s we’re bogged down with time-consuming manual process to distribute tips among the team. This involved manually collecting TRONC and tips, calculating individual shares, and distributing them accordingly. This old method led to delays, and a strain on the ownership, and management.
  2. Cost Implications: as a growing business, every penny counts, to the business, and to the hardworking team. As TRONC was being dealt with internally, this meant that tips and TRONC earnings attracted national insurance.
  3. Compliance Concerns: As a responsible employer, Codi’s Kitchen needed to ensure compliance with labour laws and tax regulations related to tip pooling and distribution. The complexity of such legal requirements added further strain to their existing manual processes.


GRTFL’s UNITE Solution:

Working with the team to understand the pain points, and where the team could see real improvements, building a bespoke solution around grtfl’s UNITE platform. Now, being able to to suit their pay-out frequency, and distribution rules Codi’s sew the following benefits:

  1. Direct cost saving Tips and TRONC no longer attract National insurance, so the business is saving, and the team are earning more.
  2. Reduce admin – grtfl automates the tip management and distribution process end to end through the software.
  3. No more waiting for payday – staff can get their tips quicker through the grtfl platform.
  4. 100% transparency the team can track their earning real time and have the confidence knowing that they’re getting their fair share. This means a more motivated and happier team!

A word from Codi herself:

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