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Modernising Tipping
for a Happier Business

Modernising Tipping for a Happier Business

Save time and money, incentivise your team, and show appreciation with our future forward tipping solution


Tipping has become a challenge in a cashless era, affecting owners, staff, and customers. Grtfl is here to change that. Our solution boosts tips, enhances staff retention, and elevates service standards, ensuring happier customers while saving you time and money.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing cash/credit tips or Tronc systems. With our automated and transparent solution, administrative tasks are eliminated, and staff receive their tips on the same day, incentivizing them to provide exceptional service. As a result, it fosters customer loyalty, celebrates outstanding service and rediscovers the human connection.

Great service deserves Grtfl

Tip. Compliment. Rate. Feel good. Be great.

Improve customer loyalty, celebrate outstanding levels of customer service, and bring back human connection. Recognise greatness and show appreciation to your team today.

Who's it for?


Say goodbye to tipping admin headaches

No NI contributions for service charge and tips

Streamlined automated tip distribution

Retain great talent by rewarding your team day by day

using phone


Instant access to their service charge or tips​

Real-time earnings tracking​, shift by shift

100% transparency for a happier team​

Integrated tip, rating and feedback solutions


Individuals ​

Ideal for buskers, therapists, trainers, and individuals

Cashless tips anywhere, anytime

Instant tip with Google and Apple Pay​

No awkwardness for customers with no cash​

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Tip confidently, 100% goes to team or individual

Simplify and speed up the tipping process​

Rediscover generosity and give direct feedback

Take away the pressure and awkwardness of tipping ​



  • Restaurants

  • Clubs, Bars & Pubs

  • Charities

  • Hair & Beauty Salons

  • Street Performers

  • & more

  • Street Performers

  • Restaurant Chains

  • Independent Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Charities

  • Clubs

  • Buskers

  • Bars & Pubs

  • Hair & Beauty Salons

  • Festival Stands & Food Trucks


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