Make it easier for your customers to express gratitude in today's cashless society. Boost fundraising and simplify fund management through our cashless, feel-good donation service. Grtfl offers a complete suite of solutions to manage your donation process fully.


Digital integration for online donations

Customisable QR code donations ​

Handheld POS​

Customisable co-brand donations page for donor confidence ​

User-friendly, dynamic dashboard to manage and analyse donations

Recurring payments


Create different fundraising campaigns within the dashboard with unique QR codes to track funds raised from specific events and collect the relevant information you want.

Our dashboard displays all fundraising data, financial reports, and export functions in one place for easy management, so your charity can get back to driving real change. Our streamlined donation process reduces the dropout rate and improves the donor experience.

Streamline your fundraising efforts with our centralised donation platform, allowing you to capture data and donations all in one place

Simplify donation collection at events with our QR code stands and upright POS options, making it easy for attendees to donate on the spot

Reduce donor anxiety with our user-friendly app, ensuring a hassle-free donating experience

Boost your fundraising potential with our quick and easy donation process, providing attendees with faster access to donate and help your cause

Coming soon – 'tap to donate' terminals